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Emergency Preparedness

PSPS Outages

  • PSPS is not an "emergency situation" according to So Coast Fire Authority (Gregg Warner)

  • Prepare ahead of time. Notifications will be provided by PG&E at least 48 hours ahead of power outage

  • Gas Up (including gas for generator if needed)

  • Purchase propane tank for generator (keep extra on hand)

  • Stock up on groceries and water

  • Stock up on battery operated lanterns

  • Watch your pets

  • Portable hand radios

Every emergency situation is different— the diligence of the community is the key to success

  • Follow instructions from authorities carefully

  • Watch evacuation zone

  • Watch power outages zones

  • Watch and listen to information outlets

  • Don't spread rumors – KNOW YOUR FACTS

  • Watch out for your neighbor


Fire Evacuations/Fire Zones

  • Family First

  • Pay attention to announcements

  • High/Low siren in neighborhood means GET OUT!

  • Pack "go bag" and any VITALLY important items (birth certificates, marriage license, social security, etc....and anything you value and that cannot be replaced.

  • Grab your pets and pet gear

  • Listen to emergency personnel

  • Use common sense

  • NOTHING is more important than your life and the life of your family.

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