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TAP: Teen Action Project  

Action Network's Teen Action Project—TAP—

provides a safe environment for youth ages 12-18 to come together and connect through meaningful activities and conversations to create a kinship with peers and support through mentor-ship.


TAP's  mission is to increase awareness, offer education, and  foster connectivity through collaboration. TAP is currently meeting at The Center Tuesday-Thursday throughout Summer 2022. If you or your teen are craving support, please reach out to Aiyana Robinson.


Image by Emmanuel Olguín
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Wanted: Teen Volunteer for TAP 


We are looking for a Youth Volunteer to assist with the Teen Action Project for 2 hours a week, earning credit toward community service and learning great leadership skills. 


Download the PDF to learn more or if you want to share it with others or to post it at your school.


Contact for more information or to sign up.

talk to your kids about the dangers of smoking and underage drinking

Volunteers Cleaning Beach

At the Heart of Our Work

Helping children grow into healthy, happy responsible adults is our mission. Our programs include educational, social and recreational programs for youth of all ages.

AAC Teen Group resource card 2019 (004).
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