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First 5

Programs for families with children ages 0-5 is made possible by funding from FIRST 5 Mendocino. Each program focuses on creating the best environment for children 0-5 years old to grow, learn and get the best start in life.

Cute Baby Items
Cute Baby Items

Diaper Enrollment

The diaper enrollment program is available for families in need with children ages 0-5. Sizes NB through 4t-5t pull-ups are available. Parents and guardians can receive diapers up to 1x per week per child.

To receive diapers and/or wipes, please schedule an appointment (5-30 mins) with Sienna Wetherington:

Car Seat Installation

If you need a car seat for your child, it is required by law that a certified technician installs and works with you to ensure the seat is installed correctly and safely according to the most current national and state regulations.

Programs Manager, Sienna Wetherington has been trained by National Child Passenger Safety certification. Please reach out to Sienna directly to make an appointment:

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