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Tobacco Prevention

The Tobacco Use Prevention group meets on a weekly basis at the Teen Center. Youth participants are engaged in education, action and advocacy activities. Several times a year there are opportunities to travel out of the local region to meet with peers from all over Northern California to connect through creative problem solving around the issue of Big Tobacco - the industry at the forefront of marketing to the young generation.

Image by Andres Siimon

Tobacco Use Prevention & Education

The tobacco industry’s replacement customers can’t legally buy their products but that hasn’t stopped the billion-dollar, Big Tobacco marketing machine from targeting kids with social media ads, fun flavors, and products that appear less harmful than their parent’s cigarettes.

The tobacco group meets year round covering educational topics and increasing awareness of the incredible array of consequences of tobacco use. At the center of the group culture is the consistent ability to check in with each other and with trusted leaders and adults through talking circles. Participants learn about healthy coping skills, healthy relationships, practice public speaking and leadership roles, and have the opportunity to take action at Youth Quest, Born to Breathe, and other tobacco-centered conferences for youth. Local field trips, beach days and tobacco litter clean-ups are also important to the group for taking action on a local level.

What Teens Can Do

Get involved and get active! If you are interested in joining the tobacco use prevention group, please contact Aiyana Robinson:

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