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Teen Action Project

Youth Community & Leadership


Action Network's Teen Action Project —TAP— provides a safe environment for youth ages 11-18 to come together and connect through meaningful activities, educational opportunities events and conversations to create a kinship with peers and support through mentorship. Within the Teen Action Project, there are numerous programs for youth to connect, learn, and take action in our community based on their interests. In our programs, every youth has a voice and unique contribution to share with the wider community, along with opportunities to build leadership skills, find artistic expression, and foster healthy relationships. 


TAP's  mission is to increase awareness, offer education, and foster connectivity through collaboration.

Connect with TAP

If you or your teen are craving support, please reach out to Aiyana Robinson:

This program runs year round and offers education, activities and events centered around preventing tobacco use among youth.

Youth Environmental Stewardship

The mission of the YES Project is to raise awareness of climate disasters and health impacts, help make our diverse community disaster-resilient, and empower young people to take action.


Filmmaking Club

A project that is woven into TAP for documentation and building new technical skills through the landscape of digital and analog media.

Gaming Club

A year round club that provides youth ages 6 -18 opportunities to learn and play games with friends. Special excursions, tournaments and weekly gatherings after school and during school breaks. 


Crafting Circles

A multi-generational gathering group supporting people to learn handicrafts and new artistic and crafting skills. Community peer support, story sharing, and a healthy, safe environment for creative expression.

Projects range from beading, knitting, crocheting, painting and more.

Youth Internship/ Mentorship

A paid internship program for youth ages 15-18.  Opportunities to work with Action Network staff in the office, to take on leadership roles within TAP programs during events and field trips, and to build personal development skills in preparation for high school graduation and beyond. 

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